Recycled Pallets

We value sustainability at Pallet Service, using all our resources to the fullest. Recycled Pallets are available in many sizes and grades.

We carry over 20,000 recycled pallets in stock for immediate delivery or pickup. Our large stock of standard sizes include:

  • 48×40 4-Way; 1 (A), 2(B) or Premium Grades (1A)
  • 48×40  in 3 or 4 stringer, block, 2-way, wing or Flush
  • 48×32, 48×36, 48×42, 48×44, 48×48
  • 36×36, 36×42, 40×40, 40×48, 42×42, 44×44
  • 47-1/4×31-1/2 (800x1200mm Euro Block)
  • Plastic 48 x 40 four-way block pallets

We have IPPC ISPM-15 Heat Treat certified recycled pallets available for international shipment.

We have pallet buying programs for your damaged or surplus pallets. Contact us today to find out more.

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