Recycling Services

Pallet Service offers many programs for businesses trying to reduce disposal into landfills by recycling and re-purposing post-industrial materials. Let us help you reduce your costs and environmental impact!  We offer many programs for materials such as; wood, corrugated, plastics and metals. Spotting trailers for consolidation and offering custom programs for our customers is what we do!  Our experienced staff will come to your facility and review your current program and offer a custom solution, which will meet your company’s specific needs. Opportunities include:
  • Spotting a trailer at your dock to consolidate recyclable material vs. multiple vendors for each type of material.
  • Reduced cost or potential income for recyclable materials previously sent to the landfills.
  • Increased sustainability and reduced environmental impact.
  • Wood, Corrugated (OCC) loose or baled, plastic, metal, other.

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